Master Your Email Marketing Strategy

And Increase Your

Coaching Revenue

Attract, Engage, and Convert More Ideal Clients without Over Complicated and Time Consuming Strategies.

Growing a coaching business can feel overwhelming, especially with the endless marketing methods being taught out there.

Which one do you chose? It’s so confusing!
This is where most coaches end up...their revenue dips and stalls, they rely just on referrals, they jump from idea to idea with no real marketing plan.

And that leads to the frustration of not being able to get your scale your business. One you know has so much potential.

I’ve been providing coaches with a plan for growing their revenue using the most effective digital marketing method for years.
My plan will work for you too.

But you might be thinking ‘Why email marketing?’

Sales happen 40 times more via email compared to social media and the average engagement rate for social media is just 0.85%, whereas the click-through rate for email is 2.8% (can you believe that?!).

Plus, the ROI for email marketing is $32 for every $1 spent. The highest ROI of any digital marketing method. So if you’d like to get a better return from your time and money, email marketing is definitely the thing to focus your energy on.

Hear From Our Clients

who have gained results from us


Mel Power

Marketing Coach

'The emails are working so well, I’m getting a few membership sign ups each day’



Spiritual Business Coach

‘With the strategies Emma taught me I was able to leave my corporate job’



Health Coach

‘I gained 20 new email subscribers in just 2 hours!’



Facebook Ads Coach

'I would 100% recommend Emma to anyone looking for an email copy expert. Her email coaching and training skills are incredibly on point'

Here’s my plan to increase your sales using email marketing.

Step 1: Create The Right Lead Magnet

Creating a lead magnet that’s related to what you do and is specific enough so that it attracts the right people and repels the wrong ones is essential to email marketing success.

Step 2: Build Your Email List Efficiently

Using social media, SEO, and paid ads in the right way to build an email list, is the least time-consuming, yet the highest return on investment marketing method out there.

Step 3: Write Great Copy To Drive Sales

Repurposing content across all channels that’s targeted, and resonates with your niche will prompts them to take action sooner rather than later and build a strong relationships.

Step 4: Sell Your Offer Without A Call

Generate as many sales calls as possible or even better implement a system to sell your services or offer without a sales call - just via email instead, saving heaps of time.

Your Plan For Growing Your Coaching Business:

We support coaches with both done-for-you email marketing services and do-it-yourself using our on-demand templates and courses to help you grow and scale your coaching business with ease.



more sales happen via email than social media

A marketing coach used this method to build her email list and sell her $1.9k course to a tiny audience of just 200.

Another business coach who used this method to grow her list to 570 and sold her high ticket $5k program, making $15k in sales over a 7-day period.⁣

Mel, a marketing coach is getting multiple sign-ups per day for her $57p/m membership program.

Sanna a fitness coach sent my emails to her list of 2,000. She got 10 calls booked and 4 sales of her $2,000 program within 6 days.

Curabitur sodalesem


$32 for every $1 spent

is the ROI of email marketing - greater than any other marketing method

Some stats you might want to know:


Of users check their inbox every single day. Some 20x a day.


The likelihood of your message being seen via email vs. Facebook.


Of people prefer to receive promotional content via email.


Of followers actually see your posts on social media.

‘With the strategies Emma taught me I was able to leave my corporate job’

Laura, Spiritual Business Coach

‘I gained 20 new email subscribers in just 2 hours!’

Keri, Health Coach

About Us

I (Emma) left my corporate job in advertising in 2019 to build an online business.

I built a 6 fig financial coaching business helping tradesmen increase their margins by positioning themselves as experts in their market. I helped many double or triple their profits in just a few months of working.

At the same time, I was building and selling a trades business with my partner. It’s been an exciting journey, although far from easy…. Having said that I have learned a ton of information to pass on to others!

One thing I had to learn was – nailing my email strategy. I had to, it’s the only marketing tradesmen take notice of!

As a result, I now help course creators and online coaches increase their revenue and profits using email marketing (and save them a heck of time by automating it all).

‘100% recommend working with Emma…only been working with her for a few days and amazing results’

Sanna, Fitness Coach

Without following a simple and effective marketing method that works around our lives, we end up in overdrive and burnout.

Striving to grow our business by throwing spaghetti at the wall and hoping something sticks. The result is that we become super inefficient and waste time on things that won’t get us results.

By maximizing what we’re doing and making it better, we don’t need to spend more time marketing our business, we can spend the same amount of time (or less) and get better results.

We have time to focus on actually coaching our customers and less time chasing and securing clients. Our marketing time is drastically reduced, yet we gain consistent sales from our efforts.

Now is your time to make things happen.